Auditions Announced for Wizard of Oz

Auditions for Wizard of Oz will be held on:
May 15th and 16th, 7:00 – 10:00PM – Ages 14 and older
May 20th: 9;00AM – 2:00PM – Ages 8-13
The Schauer Arts Center – 147 North Rural St, Hartford WI, 53027
No prepared materials necessary. Everything will be taught at the audition.
See Audition Information and Form for more details.
Hope to see you there!!!

Audition Information

Audition Form

Children/Youth Audition Poster

Music Audition Packet

Reading Audition Packet

Virtual Audition Form Link

Note from the Director

Those of you who have auditioned for me before will find the format very familiar…okay, it’s EXACTLY the same…well, consistency is the hobgoblin of a mind that doesn’t want to have to make up something new.  But I digress…

Please arrive early for the audition so we can collect Audition Forms and get everyone organized to start on time.  The Audition Form is posted on this web site.

The auditions will go as follows:

  1. The auditioners will be split into two groups.  One group will learn and sing the group audition song, while the other group goes with the choreographer for a dance audition.  When both groups are done, they’ll switch.  The Group Audition Song is at the beginning of the Audition Music Packet.  The song and the dance will be taught at the audition.
  2. After we complete Step 1, those who are interested in a specific role will sing part of a song associated with that role.  (Dorothy, Tinman, etc.)  The song selections are in the Audition Music Packet.
  3. Then, we will move on to readings.  There will be large group readings so we can hear from everyone as efficiently as possible.  There will also be readings that are more target toward specific roles.  These readings will be excerpts from the script and will posted on this web site.  Please look at the Audition Info packet for more insights.

The audition format will be the same for young performers and adults.  Auditioning can be kind of intimidating for young performers, so don’t be surprised if I go “off script” to help everyone feel comfortable showing us what we need to see.  In order to accommodate the other commitments that kids have on Saturdays, we have spread the audition times out to 9 AM to 2 PM.  Kids DO NOT need to come right at the beginning, nor do they have to be there the whole time.   We will organize the audition based on how many young performers are there at any given time. 

Don’t forget to look at the Audition Info packet.  It contains a lot of helpful hints and insights as to how we do things.  Most importantly, have fun!  Every audition is, at very least, a chance to learn and grow as a performer.  That’s fun right there.  Having fun creates sparkle, and it’s that sparkle that I look for in making casting decisions.

See you at auditions!

     Jerry Becker

     President, The Hartford Players, Ltd.

     Director, “The Wizard of Oz”