presented by arrangement with Concord Theatricals on behalf of The Rodgers & Hammerstein Organization.

presented by arrangement with
Concord Theatricals
on behalf of
The Rodgers & Hammerstein Organization

The Hartford Players Production of


Music by
Richard Rodgers

Lyrics by
Oscar Hammerstein II

New Book by
Douglas Carter Beane

Original Book by
Oscar Hammerstein II

Orchestrations by Danny Troob
Music Adaptation & Arrangements by David Chase


Directed by Adam Iverson 
Artistic Director Jerry Becker

Vocal Music Director Matt Gehrman 
Choreographer Megan Jakubowski

Orchestra conducted by Jacob Boyle


Director's Note

The story of Cinderella is much older than most people realize. The oldest known oral versions of the tale come from Ancient Greece. The most famous version, the one most Cinderella stories today are based off of, is Charles Perrault’s 1697 version. Since that time, the story has become especially beloved, with many different creators making their own versions of the story, from the Brothers Grimm, to Walt Disney, to Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein II.

What makes the Cinderella story so endearing? There are certainly memorable elements to the tale, like a pumpkin transformed into a carriage and glass slippers, but I think there’s more to it. We love the Cinderella story because, in the end, it is a story about optimism. The idea that anyone can go from “rags to riches” is an attractive idea to all of us, especially in America, the land of opportunity. In addition, Cinderella is such a likeable character because of how nice she is. Most of us would not find ourselves acting as respectful as poor Ella if we were in her shoes. Ella is who we all aspire to be.

I am so unbelievably proud of this cast and crew. They have put in long hours of rehearsal and set construction to make this dream a reality. There are so many moving parts that go along with a show like this: from cast to stage crew to pit orchestra to tech crew to construction and paint crew. Everyone has put in amazing effort into this show. They say it takes a village to raise a child, and it certainly takes a village to put on a show of this magnitude. I am so grateful for everyone’s efforts on the show. Please take the time to read about all of them in the online program.

This show is dedicated to my grandmother, Shirley Iverson (1931-2024). She was my first audience member back when I was a young kid directing shows with toys and I know she is watching down on the show today.

Please enjoy the Hartford Players production of Cinderella!

– Adam Iverson

Cast of Characters
Joelle Hackney Ella
Steven Sizer Topher
Juliana Geraghty Marie
Tessa Schommer Madame
MacKenzie Gehrke Charlotte
Claire Becker Gabrielle
Ben Johnson Lord Pinkleton
Simon McGhee Jean-Michel
Tristan Molkentin Sebastian



Jessica Albea Ensemble / Prima Donna
Cicely Azoff Ensemble
William Bakken Ensemble / Duke of Cheshire / Knight / Waltzer
Sophie Banwart Ensemble / Milk Maid
Joanna Bucher Ensemble / Thief in Calcutta
Hannah Centinario Ensemble / Knight
Brooke Denman Ensemble / Young Norwegian Princess
Emily Elmquist Ensemble / Knight / Duchess
Deanna Feil Ensemble / Waltzer
Lauren Fontana Ensemble / Waltzer
Sophia Geraghty Ensemble
Emily Hackney Ensemble / Waltzer / Shadow Dancer
Grace Hennen Ensemble / Waltzer / Gargoyle
Alek Konrath Ensemble / Waltzer
Brianna Lee Ensemble / Lion of Oz
Cody Lindau Fox / Ensemble / Waltzer / Dance Captain
Eadrick Lohr-Kougl Ensemble / Waltzer / Knight
Elena Lohr-Kougl Ensemble / Waltzer
Savannah Miracle Raccoon / Ensemble / Huntress
Sydney Neuser Ensemble
Layla Perez Ensemble
Claire Pergande Ensemble / Ogre
Emilyn Reyes Ensemble / Dragon / Heiress
Connelly Rodman Ensemble / Mermaid
Lilly Roemer Ensemble
Bailey Schultz Ensemble
Jessica Schulz Ensemble / Lady / Knight
Danny Swyers Ensemble / Official / Knight
Kendall Syslack Ensemble / Waltzer
Bryna Walters Ensemble / Griffin
Production Staff
Director Adam Iverson
Artistic Director / Set Design Jerry Becker
Vocal Music Director Matt Gehrman
Choreographer Megan Jakubowski
Orchestra Conductor Jacob Boyle
Costumer Lori Matasek
Stage Managers Tanja & Jim Biddulph
Production Assistant MacKenzie Gehrke
Lighting Design David Pecsi
Sound Design Dan Wiebe
Properties Hannah Centinario
Costume Assistant Olya Konrath
Tech Crew Garrett Deakin
Evan Klink
Stage Crew Frankie Perez
April Roemer
David Vera
Wyatt Custer
Graphic Design / Set Decoration Claire Becker
Construction and Paint Crew Michael & Melissa Mularski
Meg, Danny, Tommy, and Kay Swyers
Jim & Tanja Biddulph
Mikaela Becker
Ann Becker
Kate Harris
Producer Tim Dondlinger
Conductor Jacob Boyle
Flute / Piccolo Therese Sizer
Oboe / English Horn Faith Johnson
Clarinet / Bass Clarinet / Eb Soprano Clarinet Ariel Birkel
Bassoon / Clarinet Megan Braunschweig
French Horn Laura Clausing
Trumpet Dr. Matthew Makeever
Trombone Beni Vaganov
Drums Michael Mularski
Percussion Victoria Essmann
Keyboard Hazel Griffin
Violins Mindara Krueger-Olson, Keegan Kainz
Cello Melissa Mularski
Bass Ryan Erdmann

A Forest
A Rocky Glen
Outside Madame’s Cottage
The Throne Room
The Town Square
Inside Madame’s Cottage
Outside Madame’s Cottage
Flight to the Castle
The Castle Ballroom
The Palace Steps



The Palace Steps
The Forest
Madame’s Cottage
Another Part of the Forest
Inside Madame’s Cottage
The Palace Steps
The Palace
The Royal Gardens, one month later
Musical Numbers


Prologue Ella & Chorus
Me, Who Am I? Topher, Sebastian, Lord Pinkleton, Knights
In My Own Little Corner Ella
In My Own Little Corner Tag Ella & Topher
Your Majesty Lord Pinkleton & Topher
The Prince Is Giving A Ball / Now Is The Time Sebastian, Jean-Michel, Lord Pinkleton, Madame, Crowd
Fol-de-rol Marie
In My Own Little Corner (Reprise) Ella & Marie
Impossible Ella & Marie
It’s Possible Ella, Marie, Chorus
Ten Minutes Ago Topher & Ella
Ten Minutes Ago (Reprise) Company



Stepsister’s Lament Charlotte & Ladies of the Court
Call To Arms Lord Pinkleton, Topher, Duke of Cheshire, Earl of Cavendish
He Was Tall Ella
When You’re Driving Through The Moonlight Ella, Charlotte, Gabrielle, Madame
A Lovely Night Ella, Charlotte, Gabrielle, Madame
A Lovely Night (Reprise) Gabrielle & Ella
Loneliness of Evening Topher & Ella
Announcing the Banquet Sebastian, Lord Pinkleton, Knights, Madame
There’s Music In You Marie
Now Is The Time (Reprise) Jean-Michel, Gabrielle, Marie
Do I Love You Because You’re Beautiful? Topher & Ella
Eight O’Clock And All Is Well Lord Pinkleton
Ella In Rags Marie
The Proposal Ella, Topher, Company
The Wedding (Finale) Ella, Topher, Lord Pinkleton, Marie, Company
Special Thanks

The Hartford Players extends special thanks to the following, without whose efforts this magic would not be possible:

Dick Feutz
Lauren Fontana
Ann Becker
Kate Hauser
The Staff of the Schauer Arts Center
Hartford Players’ Youth Musical Theatre Campers
Lisa Quinn
Homestead High School
Darcy Devins
Falls Patio Players
Waukesha Civic Theater
Slinger High School / PAC
West Bend High School
Olya Konrath

Season Donors

The Hartford Players thanks each of its donors who provide funding and in-kind donations to make the Hartford Players productions and mission a reality. We appreciate their generosity and dedication and thank the following individuals and organizations for being our sponsors. Please contact us to discuss sponsorship opportunities.

Encore ($1,000+)
Jerry & Karen Becker
Tim & Mary Dondlinger
Katherine Hauser
Schauer Arts Center

Standing Ovation ($750 – $999)
Hartford Community Service, Inc.

Marquee ($500 – $749)
Leah Duckert-Kroll

Leading Role ($250-$499)
Dave & Marilyn Dondlinger
Hamilton High School

Supporting Role ($100 – $249)

Patron (up to $100)

You can help support the Players’ theatrical productions and scholarships, too. Please donate at Thank you for your support!

Company Biographies

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